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These products are available in different designs, sizes and colours.

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These products are available in different designs, sizes and colours.

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Signs: Blasting signs serve as effective tools in warning employees against danger and explosive hazards in the work area. These visual aids help in maintaining calm until the area is all clear and safe. Place highly-visible blasting signs in strategic locations to serve as constant reminder to workers of safety practices and policies. Blasting signs help promote safety at your workplace. Whatever type of sign you are looking for, RedCap Industries has got you covered!


Laser Engravings

There is nothing that cannot be improved: RedCap Innovation is a leading specialist in laser engraving. Our dynamic, creative and committed team provide exceptional laser engraving services. Laser engraving is a popular and effective marking, marketing and corporate gifting technique. With quality machinery and innovative design we will provide you with the ultimate end-result. Laser engravings are a revolutionary art form as well as a revolutionary marketing tool. Our team will help you come up with exciting marketing techniques through this service.
The Benefits of Laser Engraving:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable
  • Accurate


Name Badges


Perspex Stands



Rubber Stamps

There is nothing that cannot be improved: Red Cap Innovations provide unique and specialised marketing opportunities to our customers. We provide one of a kind rubber stamp products. Our team of creative and marketing experts will assist you in developing personalised rubber stamps that work exceptionally well as fun corporate gifts. They are also highly sought after as company stamps, used to deal letters or sign off contracts. We will design a bespoke rubber stamp for you, your business and even your kids. We are proud to be the professional suppliers of such a highly specialised product.
The Benefits of Rubber Stamps:

  • Innovative marketing solution
  • Functional
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting

Uniform Marking Kit

Windscreen Repair Kit

There is nothing that cannot be improved: RedCap Innovation is passionate about the South African community. This is why we offer reliable and proven high quality windscreen repair kits. Designed and manufactured in South Africa. Being passionate about the community, we strive to assist in business development and growth. The windscreen repair kits that we provide assist in the development of new business and support and encourage progression within the community.